It’s Jimmy On the Allen Tate Blog: "A Checklist For Your Homeowners Insurance Physical"

Insurance is all about farsightedness and stability.

Whether considering coverage for your vehicle in case of an accident or an additional feature on your cell-phone plan to protect against drops in the lake, the purpose of insurance is to pay a relatively small amount now to protect against substantial losses or costs later.

In her blog for the Allen Tate Companies (which you can read here), Allen Tate’s Vice President of Insurance Sales, Robin Price, shares a brief checklist for homeowners to review and take into consideration when preparing for what she calls an annual “homeowner’s insurance physical.”

Protecting Your Investment

For most people, home ownership represents not only shelter, but also their largest asset and investment.

Having a viable homeowner’s insurance policy that fully protects your residence is key to both your financial security and keeping a roof over your head.

According to Price, “you have to see the value of choosing something today that will protect you down the road.”

Though cost is important when selecting or updating an insurance policy, the level of coverage you will receive if you ever have to file a claim is just as crucial.

Price’s Big Three

In her blog, Price highlights three key factors that, if changed in the past 12 months, can affect the level of homeowner’s coverage you may need:

1)  Physical changes or improvements made to the home;
2)  Acquisition of valuables including jewelry, artwork, firearms and other collectibles; and
3)  Installation of a central fire alarm and/or security system.

If you have made any of these changes to your home since your last policy checkup, you should consider scheduling an appointment with your trusted insurance adviser.

About Jimmy

I am a NC licensed REALTOR with the Allen Tate Companies working out of the Ballantyne office.  As a Real Estate broker with the Allen Tate Companies, I can help you sell your current home and find your next one, and I have access to a wide variety of products through the Allen Tate Companies.  For more information, please contact me directly at 980-298-9385 or via email at

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