It’s Jimmy On National Ice Cream Day

Did you know that this Sunday, July 20, is National Ice Cream Day?

Neither did I until I read this article in the Charlotte Observer this morning, but it is true!

In fact, the Gipper himself, President Ronald Reagan, designated July as National Ice Cream Month 30 years ago and he encouraged all Americans to observe the most summery of months with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.”

As Lee Greenwood would say, “I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free…to eat ice cream!”

In honor of the most patriotic of American summer holiday (okay, the second most patriotic American summer holiday?) I will force myself to visit Waxhaw Creamery sometime in the next 48 hours.

And I may even try Waxhaw’s newest ice cream shop, JB’s Frozen Gold Ice Cream, at the opposite end of Downtown Waxhaw.

My apologies to TCBY, but I enjoyed your Banana’s Foster goodness last night!

So, whether FroYo, gelato or good, old-fashioned American ice cream is your dairy vice, where will you celebrate National Ice Cream Day this year?

It’s Jimmy On…blog is written by Charlotte-area REALTOR and Carolina Panthers enthusiast, Jimmy Grappone.  Check back often for Jimmy’s takes on everything from real estate to sports, and from the latest wireless gadgets to food and drink.


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