It’s Jimmy On Why the Holiday Season Can Be a Great Time to Buy or Sell a Home

It is that time of year again.  Leaves are falling from the trees and there is a hint of Arctic chill in the air. Retailers have wrapped up Halloween, skipped Thanksgiving, and moved on to the Christmas shopping season.

Consumers are in a festive mood, anxious to spend their hard-earned money on retail products and gifts for family and friends. So, why wouldn’t they want to make the most important purchase of all — a new house — as the holidays approach?

Well, if they are “just shopping,” then they may want to wait until a less hectic time of the year to become serious about the home buying process. 

However, holiday season home buyers and sellers understand that this is the time of year when those who are out there shopping are likely to be shopping with a purpose.

Here are three reasons the holidays are a great time to sell, or purchase, a home.

1.  Nobody wants to waste anyone else’s time.  Sellers who put their homes on the market around the holidays know they will be inconvenienced by potential buyers who want to see their home while they are basting the Thanksgiving turkey.  But they also know that most potential buyers shopping at this time of year are ready and willing to pounce on the right home for the right price.  Holiday shoppers are also likely to be pre-approved and they won’t want to risk offending the seller with an under market offer if they are serious about closing the sale.

2.  Winter vacation can make moving more convenient.  Kids are generally out of school for a couple of weeks and many employers shut down for several days around the Cristmas and New Year’s holidays.  That means more help packing and less time missed from work and school due to the move.  Many potential buyers relocating from outside the area will also want to move into their new abode in time to test drive their new chimney ahead of Santa Claus.

3.  Everyone wants a fresh start to the new year.  New Year resolutions are often made January 1 and nearly as often broken within a couple of weeks.  What better way is there for a buyer to begin the new year than by keeping their resolution to move into a new home?  As a home seller, you can make this dream come true for your home’s new owner and you get to move into your next home, too.  Now that is what we in the industry call a win-win!

Spring may be king in the eyes of most real estate practitioners, but for those sellers looking to sell in a less crowded market in which the buyers who are out there are more likely to make a substantive offer, the holiday season may be the biggest gift of all.  

So, think again before deciding to wait until March to put your home on the market like everyone else in your neighborhood, and consider adding a “For Sale” sign to your outside holiday decorations.


If you are considering buying or selling a home this holiday season, or if you know someone who is, be sure to consult a REALTOR for their local knowledge, industry expertise, and marketing resources.  As a NC & SC licensed REALTOR, I work with buyers, sellers, and relocated renters in the greater Charlotte area.  I am also a member of the global real estate referral network, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, so I can help you no matter where you currently live or want to move.  Thank you in advance for considering me for all of your real estate needs.

Jimmy Grappone


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