Everybody Works In Sales and Two-Year Olds Are The Best Salespeople

Salespeople get a bad rap.  Not always as individuals, but certainly as a collective group.

Just like new. If “like” means “this is” and “new” means “old.” 

We’ve all heard the descriptions of shady characters you encounter, peddling products for profit, but seemingly unconcerned about the end user.

“He’s such a used car salesman.”

“She’s so pushy…I hate pushy salespeople!”

Too many experiences with bad salespeople have contributed to our negative feelings about salespeople as a group.

But then you have that refreshing experience with a salesperson who takes the time to listen, to educate, and to guide you to a mutually beneficial result.

That’s when a “used car salesman” becomes a “used car consultant.”

Consulting vs Selling

Visit a CarMax and you will enjoy an experience based on serving the customer’s needs more than the needs of the company or the individual selling the vehicle.

When I worked in wireless sales, I rarely led my store in quantity of sales, but I often led in quality metrics because I took the time to listen to my customers, to educate them about the products and the benefits they provide, and to “right-fit” them into the products and services that best suited their needs.

Co-workers said I was slow because my average transaction lasted a bit longer than theirs, but I also spent less time fixing problems on repeat visits because I did the job right the first time. Slow and steady always won the race.

Now, being a quality salesperson does not mean never making a mistake. Believe me, I’ve made my share.

But it does require honesty, integrity, empathy, understanding, caring, personal branding and marketing, building relationships, industry knowledge, attention to detail, admitting when you make a mistake, being willing and able to solve problems, and asking for current and future business.

If you can master all of that, you shouldn’t have any problems

Everyone is a Salesperson

Selling is teaching. And the “classroom” is now
omnipresent and louder than ever before.

In my experience, every profession involves sales in one form or another.

Doctors, lawyers, and physical therapists sell a service. Judges and politicians sell opinions and policies.

Priests sell religion and teachers sell education.

Even parents have to sell good behavior, broccoli, and bedtime to their children.

Two-Year Olds Are The Best Salespeople

Children are often the best little salespeople of all because they know how to ask for the sale and close the deal.

Toddler tears and puppy dog eyes are extremely dangerous weapons.

Today, I work as a Realtor®, marketing my clients’ homes for sale, helping buyers find their dream home, and guiding my buyer and seller clients through the obstacle course that is buying or selling a home.

I am proud to be a career salesman and I consider it one of the noblest professions outside of working in health care and childhood development.

So next time you interact with a salesperson, put them in the position of working in your profession and realize we are all salespeople.

We are just peddling different products.

About the Author:
Jimmy Grappone is a salesman living in Charlotte for nearly a decade. His hobbies include fishing, playing golf, walking the dog, and writing articles about things that interest him. Jimmy sells real estate for a living with Allen Tate REALTORs in North and South Carolina and he is passionate about helping his clients find shelter and having a good time along the way. Jimmy’s beautiful wife, Lauren, is a physical therapy assistant and skin care consultant with Rodan + Fields. She’s the least “sales-y” person the author knows, and even she’s proud to be playing the game.

Contact the Author:
Social Media: @jimmygrappone
Website: http://www.jimmygrappone.com
Email:  Jimmy.Grappone@AllenTate.com
Phone:  980-298-9385


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