Charlotte Daily Post: The Word Cluster That Made My Day

Word cluster put together by my fellow Realtors at Allen Tate Realtors, Charlotte-Ballantyne.

Kind words can go a long way. Especially when they are about you!

In December, our office administrators, Kristi and Lisa, asked everyone in the office to use a word (or two) to describe each person in the office.
From that list, they put together a word cluster of the best descriptive words for each person.
The words used to describe me are: Talkative, Creative, Successful, Determined, Goal Oriented, Outgoing, Hard Worker, Kind, Good Person, Nice Smile, Soaring, Inquisitive, Smart, Great Writer, Big Ideas, and Tater.
For those not in the know, a “Tater” is someone who embodies the values the Allen Tate Company.
Thanks, ladies! This made my day!

About the Author:

Jimmy Grappone is a Realtor® living in the Charlotte area for nearly a decade. 

His hobbies include fishing, playing golf, watching football, and helping his clients find their way home. 

Jimmy is a licensed Realtor® with Allen Tate Company in North Carolina and South Carolina. 

He is passionate about helping his clients find their way home!
Contact the Author:
Twitter & IG: @jimmygrappone
Phone:  980-298-9385

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