Charlotte Daily Short: Queen’s Feast: Charlotte Restaurant Week® Is Here, January 22-31, 2016

Queen’s Feast: Charlotte Restaurant Week® is back!

The Winter 2016 version of Queen’s Feast takes place from January 22-31, 2016.

Winter Storm Jonas” forced several participating restaurants to close their doors on Opening Day, but the semi-annual event is back in full swing.
More than 125 restaurants across the Greater Charlotte region participate in Queen’s Feast, offering full course meals–many complete with an alcoholic beverage and/or dessert–for $30 or $35.

This means a party of two can have a meal out for $60-$70 (tip and tax excluded) which ordinarily costs upwards of $80-$100.
Because I love great food and I love getting a great deal, I never miss an opportunity to eat out for a discount!

There is nothing finer in the Carolinas than dinner out at a cost-prohibitive restaurant for a substantial discount during Queen’s Feast.

So stretch your dollar a little further this week while expanding your pallet at a fine dining establishment you wouldn’t otherwise try.

Bon appetit!

About the Author:

Jimmy Grappone is a Realtor® living in the Charlotte area for nearly a decade. 

His hobbies include fishing, playing golf, watching football, and exploring the Carolinas.

Jimmy is a licensed Realtor® with Allen Tate Company in North Carolina and South Carolina. 

He is a member of a nationwide and international referral network of the world’s best real estate agents, “Leading Real Estate Companies of the World.”

He is passionate about “Making Home Happen!”
Contact the Author:
Twitter & IG: @jimmygrappone
Phone:  980-298-9385

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