Charlotte Daily Short: Why It Is Foolish To Wait Until April To Sell Your Home

So you’re thinking about selling, but you want to put it off until late Spring or early Summer when everyone else puts their house on the market.  
There is nothing wrong with listing your house for sale in the second quarter of the year if that is when you make the decision to sell your home.
However, if you are already planning to sell your home this year, waiting just a couple of months could be a costly mistake.
Here are two reasons why:
1)  Mortgage interest rates were all over the place in 2015 and no one really knows where they are headed in 2016, but most projections have them increasing over the course of the year.  
As a seller, you may think rising interest rates aren’t that big of a deal because they don’t affect you.  
Do you plan to buy a home when your house sells?  If so, you likely need a loan, too!  
Also, as interest rates increase, purchasing power decreases and your number of eligible buyers shrinks.
2)  The three months in red — April, May, and June — are when most sellers decide to list their house.  

By listing your home for sale in February or March, you will face less competition from other listings than you will by waiting.  
Just be sure to price your house correctly the first time so you’re not still on the market when all the fresh new listings come along.

About the Author:

Jimmy Grappone is a Realtor® living in the Charlotte area for nearly a decade. 

His hobbies include fishing, playing golf, watching football, and exploring the Carolinas.

Jimmy is a licensed Realtor® with Allen Tate Company in North Carolina and South Carolina. 

He is a member of a nationwide and international referral network of the world’s best real estate agents, “Leading Real Estate Companies of the World.”

He is passionate about “Making Home Happen!”
Contact the Author:
Twitter & IG: @jimmygrappone
Phone:  980-298-9385

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