Spring Cleaning Checklist: Preparing Your Home To Sell In A Hot Market


Spring in the Carolinas is my absolute favorite time of the year!  
Temperatures are rising, flowers are in bloom, and there’s just a little bit of pollen in the air.
Spring is when we dust off our golf clubs, take our bikes out of storage, and begin spending a lot more time outside.   This is also the perfect time of year for your home’s annual “Spring Cleaning.”
What are you doing this year to prepare your home for the Spring season?  
If you are prepping your home to sell, here are five activities you should do to make your home more presentable this Spring.
  1. Pressure wash / Paint your home.  To sell a house for the best possible price, one of the most important things is having great curb appeal and having a clean exterior with fresh paint will help you maximize curb appeal.  

  2. Clean and Seal Your Windows.  Dirty windows are a deterrent to potential buyers and they raise the question about broken thermal seals.  Clean your windows and repair any broken seals and woods rot around your windows.

  3. Service your HVAC system.  Summer is just around the corner and buyers want confidence they won’t need to call the AC repair man on the first day of summer.  If you have an older unit, get it serviced and pay for a 1-year service warranty agreement to give home buyers peace of mind and confidence in your house.

  4. Hire a lawn service.  If you don’t have a green thumb, you’re probably not going to become an expert landscaper overnight.  Hire a lawn service to make your grass green and to keep it neatly trimmed.  Planting colorful flowers in front of your house can also enhance curb appeal.

  5. Donate to Goodwill.  Or in other words, “de-clutter.”  And that doesn’t mean shoving everything into the garage, because people want to see that, too.  If you find that you have an abundance of personal items that won’t fit neatly into boxes stacked against one garage wall, you may consider a short-term storage facility to place your items before your next move.

Now that your home is in selling condition, all you need to do is consult with a local Realtor to help you correctly position it in the market and promote it to the public and the real estate community to ensure a timely sale for the best price.

About the Author:

Jimmy Grappone is a Realtor® living in the Charlotte area for nearly a decade. 

His hobbies include fishing, playing golf, watching football, and exploring the Carolinas.

Jimmy is a licensed Realtor® with Allen Tate Company in North Carolina and South Carolina. 

He is a member of a nationwide and international referral network of the world’s best real estate agents, “Leading Real Estate Companies of the World.”

Jimmy is passionate about “Making Home Happen” for all of his clients, family and friends!
Contact the Author:
Twitter & IG: @jimmygrappone
Email:  Jimmy.Grappone@AllenTate.com
Phone:  980-298-9385


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