Meet Jimmy

Hi there, how’s it going?  Thanks for visiting my “real estate” blog that’s not just about real estate.  Or something like that.  My name is Jimmy Grappone, and I’m the author of “It’s Jimmy On…”

If you’re on this page, you must want to know a little bit about me.  I was raised in Richmond, Virginia and on the Chesapeake Bay by Kay & John Grappone, along with my little sister, Kristin.

I loved to fish with my dad and uncle as a child, and to sit on the pier for hours with my cousin, Kelly, “crabbing.”  I also played lots of sports growing up and focused on football in high school where I was a 3-time Varsity letter winner.

I attended and graduated from the University of Virginia, where I majored in Government & Foreign Affairs, and studied everything from the Chinese Dynasties to Philosophies of Eastern Religion; from Calculus (which I dropped before I could flunk) to Creative Writing (which I aced).

After college, I worked in two Virginia governors’ administrations, one Republican and one Democrat, a high-tech public relations firm in San Francisco, a family-owned exterior construction and hardscaping company back in Richmond, and a bank, two mortgage firms, an HVAC supply chain, and a retail telecommunications company before finding my passion as a Realtor.

I married later than many, at the age of 34, and my wife, Lauren, and I are the proud parents of our four-legged son, Jack.  We hope to have two-legged children in our future.  I still like the Red Sox and she’ll always be a Yankee, but she helped convert me from a life-long, die-hard Denver Broncos fan into a jersey-wearing, Cam-dabbing, Keep Pounding-ing fan of the Carolina Panthers.

If you can’t tell, I am a sports fanatic and I am extremely competitive, whether it’s playing board games, fishing, or playing golf.  I love to win, but even more than that, I really dislike losing!  But I am a good sport, even in defeat.  Kay Grappone made sure of that.

I love to eat — Carolina BBQ, NY pizza and bagels, craft burgers, and fresh seafood are my favorites — and I love to drink, though these days a delicious craft IPA or an Arnold Palmer both make me just as happy.  Everything in moderation, isn’t that what they say?

I hope you feel like you know me a little better now.  And if not, I’m pretty much an open book…err, blog.  So just ask.

Thanks again for visiting my site and I look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood.


Jimmy Grappone



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